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Introducing the "Writing Wrongs CD" by The Last Knife Fighter


 a delightful blast from the past for those who still enjoy the antiquated ways of the world! This CD is a perfect addition to your collection if you're a fan of The Last Knife Fighter or simply a historian trying to keep the digital medium alive and well.

This CD features a collection of timeless tunes that will transport you back to the days when CDs were the epitome of technological advancement. With a mix of country, folk, blues, and a dash of outlaw spirit, The Last Knife Fighter's "Writing Wrongs" is a must-have for any music lover who appreciates the nostalgic charm of physical media.


So, whether you're technologically challenged or just a passionate collector, don't miss your chance to own this piece of musical history. Join The Last Knife Fighter and Righting Wrongs LLC in celebrating the past and keeping the digital flame burning bright!


Writing Wrongs CD

Written by - The Last Knife Fighter 

Produced by - Charlie Sexton 


Released October 22, 2019



1. The Ballad of the Last Knife Fighter

2. Younger By The Rye 

3. Ring Tailed Roarer Blues 

4. Work Week for Ramblers

5. Sinner Lament

6. Living Like I'm Dyin Today

7. Nothing to Lose 

8. Cold Blooded Blues 

9. Can You Read My Mind

10. I Can Dig a Grave 

11. Songwriting and Sin

12. Satan's Highway 

13. Testing 123

14. Who's Got That Cocaine in Their Pocket?


Writing Wrongs- CD

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